Roof Jack For Metal Roofs

Shingling can actually be a very dangerous and exhausting job, especially when we do not apply roof jacks for metal roofs. Yes, it is actually easier and faster to finish the job if we use some roof jacks and if we use the right tools such as a pneumatic nails and a compressor. We also need to acquire as many roof jacks as we can. The number of roof jacks will depend on how steep and how long the roof is. If the roof is long and very steep then we need many roof jacks. However, if the roof is easy to walk on then we only need at least 2 or 3 roof jacks.

roof jacks for metal roof

How Many Shingles To Apply?

The number of shingles to apply on the roof depends in the measurement of its surface area. Each of the square is measured around 100 square feet. Usually, shingles are priced per bundle so we need to measure the number of bundles according to the size of the roof. The measurement is length x width divided by the 100. Once we have the answer, we need to multiply it by squares of 3 or number of bundles. Once we have the exact number of bundles we only need to add 1. The added bundle is for safety purposes.

Laying And Applying The Shingles

Once we have the roof shingles, the next step is to lay a starter grip on the first course of the shingles. The starter strips are the tabless shingles which are made through cutting the tabs from regular bundles of shingles. We need to stagger most of the starting joints during the first course in order to reduce the holes which might damage the roof during rainy seasons. Most people start with a full shingle found on the first row and then cut it in order to fit the end. However, this method is not applicable when it comes to other shingle sizes since it might not fit the other shingles. In order to get the best measurement, we need to measure the shingles.

Using Roof Jacks For Metal Roofs

If the roof has a very steep angle then we need to apply roof jacks. The roof jacks will help us gain a better foothold while we insert the new shingles. Once we have applied the shingles we need to nail the first course. A surefire way to get straight lines is through using the roof jacks as a guide. Using some chalk lines can also be effective when lining the roof.  Once the shingles are laid, we need to insert a vertical line in order to measure the next rows.

In Using Roof Jacks For Metal Roofs

It is often a good idea to use roofing jacks and the boards across the eaves in order to prevent slipping down. Underneath the roof jacks, we only need to insert some nails through the decking and the rafter. Then we need to hook the roof jacks for metal roofs into the nails.