The roof shingles are individual elements that cover up a roof. They are most often, rectangular in shape and are laid from bottom to top with each successive row overlapping the one in the bottom. Various materials are used in the manufacture of roof shingles and some of the materials that are used commonly are wood, slates, ceramic, asbestos cement etc. The fire hazards which are common in wood shingles have made the owners replace them with fiber glass based shingles type. The age of the roofing shingles varies depending on the materials used in the construction. It is important to know the basics of shingles and the elements present in them to find out the life period of those shingles. Basically, the fiberglass shingles are made up of petroleum hydrocarbons which are the reason for the protective coating that it provides to the roofs. These oils get softened when exposed to overheat and when it rains, the water washes these oils and hence the areas that contain more water gets eroded easily. This as a result exposes the nails under the shingles, thereby allowing water to sneak inside the building. The same happens when the shingles manufacturers are made up of wood. The wood shingles contain natural oils that are present in the cellulose structure which protects the roof. When these oils are exposed to heat and rain, the similar thing compared to fiberglass shingles happen and the wood shingles gets rotten to allow water inside the building. Hence, the roofing shingles types need to be repaired or replaced after certain period of time to prevent sneaking of water into the building.

More often a shingle is misunderstood as a tile but there are a couple of differences between them. The tiles are hard ceramic materials that do not rot when exposed to heat and rain but they cannot be used at places where the limbs of tree fall often. The only advantage of the tiles is that they do not deteriorate even after longer time. Despite this advantage, the brittle nature of the tiles makes them the less used option. Even though the wood based shingles styles are used, the fiber glass shingles are by far the most commonly used. The asphalt shingles are the other commonly used roofing shingles and they are characterized by multiple colors in which they are available. Roof jacks come in handy when installing roof and shingles as they hold the planks. Also, the roof jacks helps in preventing the materials from slipping down the roof. The roofing shingles  styles come in various colors and it is important to identify the best color for your roof depending on the location of the house. Only then, they will be capable of holding out for a longer period of time.

Roof shinglesThe color of the shingles will alter the temperature of the room by considerable degrees. The light colors will reflect the sunlight, thereby helping the people living inside the house to stay cool. Such colors should be used in places where temperatures are normally higher. But in cold conditions, the shingles should be designed with dark colors and only then they will absorb heat and help you stay warm. It is also important to keep the color of the shingles on par with the other colors such as bricks, stones etc. When the house color is blue or gray, the shingles should be either black or dark gray. The above combination can also be used for white colored houses as well. And if your house color is green, red or yellow, then there is greater flexibility in choosing the shingles as brown, gray or black shingles can be used. Use high contrast colors to highlight your home from others and if you want your house to look trendier, go for a mixture of brown, blue, gray, blacks. As seen before, the shingles are prone to damage and need to be replaced time and again. The process is simple that you can perform them without technical assistance, but if you are unsure of the task, it is better to leave the task to the people who are trained to do the job. But it is your responsibility in choosing the right color and type of roof shingle for it to exist longer.