How to Use Roof Jacks With Ease

The main purpose of roofing jacks is specifically for safety. The shingles are actually laid starting at the very low edges up to the roof up to the scaffolding and the ladder. Once we have finished the first areas of the roof we actually move upward and once it the slope it is crucial to move to an area where we can actually step on something. The problem is that we often need to move without removing the nails since we might end up having nail holes on the roof. This is actually where the jacks will be used.

roof shingle jacks

The First Step In Using Roofing Jacks

In order to use the jacks, we first need to lower the courses of the roof from the ladder. Once we can comfortably reach the roof then we apply the jacks. Generally, we often use five or four courses before applying the jacks. Upon laying the lower courses, we need to set the first jack in the place which is near the edge of our roof. With the span of the top metal positioned on the row found in the diagonal slots, we need to entirely move the top position of the jack to the top shingle. This is the area where the shingle will be completely covered by an overlapping course.

The Next Step Is Applying Nails

The next step in applying the jacks is to put a nail on the top of the slot. We will need a hammer in order to safely hold the nails in place. Hammer the top of the nail until it is far enough flat on the jack. Remember to not pound it harder than the specific area. Use another jack in about four feet over from the previous one and then another from the next four feet. Do this until they are safely positioned across the shingles of the roof.

Applying The Boards Of The Roofing Jacks

Once secured, the next step is to lay a 2×10 piece of board onto the 2 jacks. Use the board as the footing while we are applying the next several courses on the roof. Move the board to the next pair of jacks until they are completed. During this time, we should be able to safely move around without the risk of falling. If it becomes uncomfortable then we need to take the board off the jacks and then use a hammer to pop each jacks upward into an angle through hitting it on the bottom. The nails should still be in place and we will be able to move easily without losing balance.

After The Project

Once we are done, the next step is to lift each of the shingles where the nails are found underneath. We need to give each of the nails a hit with the hammer in order to sink them perfectly on the level of the roof. We also need to move the jacks to one of the top half or on the top row of the shingles. Good roof insulation will make your house warm at winters and home will be energy efficient. This is how we will be using the roofing jacks.