Roof Jacks Degrees And Safety Precautions

Roof Jacks: Degrees and Safety

Most roof jacks depend on angles. Since there are various angles of roofs, it is important to use a roofing jack according to the angle, or pitch, of the roof. Standard roofs are around 3/12 to 6/12 pitches. Of course, there are old homes which have an outstanding pitch of around 8/12 and above. Again, it is important to know the pitch of our roof in order to know which type of roofing jack to use. Basically, these jacks have various degrees.

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Top Rated Roof Jacks

The 2 X 6” By 45 Degree Roof Jack Bracket

The standard type of roofing jack which is sold today is the 46 degree jack. We can use this type of roofing jack in 3/12 or 6/12 pitches. Usually, this type of jack has a bracket support made out of thick steel. The support enables the jack to hold the weight of the user while the same time it allows adjustment. In case the user will remove the jacks, there are some adjustable bracket holes for the bracket support steel. There are also four welds per bracket, which is used to improve the balance of the roofing bracket.

The 2 X 6” X 60 Degree Roof Jack

Another type of roof jack is the 2 x 6” x 60 degree type. This is designed for very low slopes of up to 6/12 pitch. Like the 2 x 6” by 45 degree, this type of jack also has a bracket support made up of 1/4 “steel. Usually, most of the sheets are thicker so that the jack will always be stable. This type of jack also has a 4” place bracket. In order to fully secure the bracket, most carpenters need to use three 16 penny or some 3” common type round shank nails.

The Interchangeable Jack

For roofs which are 8/12 in pitch, the appropriate jack to use is the interchangeable, or adjustable, jack. This type of jack has a degree adjustor so that users will be able to pick the angle that they need. Once the angle is picked, there is also a sheet of thick metal in order to hold the roofing jack in place. More about Roof jacks vent and roof vents

Safety Is Important

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In order for the roofing jacks to be structurally sound, it should not be dropped from the roof. Never drop it from a high angle since it can actually damage the metal sheet. Once the sheet is damaged, it will be impossible to adjust the roofing jack. Inspect the wooden plank which you will be using. If the plank is not structurally sound or if it is very short then it is better to use another one. Also, it is important to always inspect the jack before and after using it. The roofing jack’s support brackets should still be structurally sound and the metal sheet should be free from any rusting. Once the metal starts to rust, cleaning it with a lubricating agent is advised. Misuse of the equipment can actually result to injury and damage. The roof jack that you will acquire should also be approved by fall arrest system and it should be protected by law.