All About Roofing Jacks And Installation

We can actually do a lot of great things with the use of Roof Jacks. Whether it is a shingles job or it is based on single coating, the main challenge is always on the steep slopes. Most carpenters already know how to balance themselves when repairing roofs yet there is still a slim chance where they will actually fall. In order to perfectly be in balance, using a certain type of item is required.

oofing jacks asphalt roofs

The Use Of Roof Jack

Roof Jack products are actually based specifically for roofing. They are metallic tools which have a j shape on one side and a straight line on the other. The concept of the j shape curve is to accommodate a plank or a large board while the straight line is connected under the shingles and it specifically holds the plank in place. With the use of the jack, we will be able to stand while repairing the roof. Through mastering the use of the jack, we will be able to prevent accidental falls. The Hansleman House used innovated roof jack techniques.

How To Install Roof Jacks

In order to install the jacks, we need to look for a good area on the roof. The area should be safe and should be strongly connected to the foundation. A typical place where we can apply the jack is usually in the 4th or 5th course. We can actually use the conjunction or the dead area with black jack coating so that the positioning of each of the jacks will be accurate and there will be lesser problems later. In order to be extra safe, we need to at least drive several nails into the overlapping area in order to hold the jacks in place and so that the remaining area will not be overexposed.

After Installation

Once we have locked the jacks in place then we need to install some additional jacks on the sides of the original jack in order to properly secure our foothold. The distance of the additional jacks should be at least a foot distance between the other jacks. Once the different jacks have been positioned, we can now insert the board on the added jacks. The concept of the board is that it will be our footing so that we will be able to rotate easier and we will be steadier while we are doing our job. Once the job is finished, all we have to do is to stand up and hold the position which is the easiest to mo move. We only need to remove the jacks and then move to another location.

How To Finish The Job

Once the roofing is completed then the next thing that we need to do is to check the Jacks. In order to check the jacks we need to pull the locks. Since there are nails which overlap the dead area of the shingles, the added shingles should be able to cover the next row of nails. With just a few taps of a hammer we will be able to completely drive the nails and allow the roof to be perfectly normal. The nails will actually not show up and the roof will look great once the job is done. That is how to use the roofing jacks.